Josh Lord, born 1972 and raised in the bay-side suburb of Mornington, Victoria,

started his career as an independent Australian artist in 1992.

Influenced by cultural movements and art genres including Pop ArtDada and Surrealism.

His paintings are a mix of all those styles and movements.

Lord has no formal fine art qualification; he is a self-taught artist and his inspiration and main influences to pursue a career in visual arts have been Germany's Bauhaus Theory,

John BrackJames Rosenquist, an American artist who was one of the protagonists in the Pop-Art movement, as well as Robert Rauschenberg and Barbara Kruger.


2016  Newspeak & Thoughtcrimes - Ministry of Art. Melbourne. Australia

2014  This used to be the future - D11,  Docklands. Melbourne. Australia

2011  Do Electric Sheep Follow the Digital Herd - Gasworks Art Park. Melbourne. Australia

2011  Shoot'n From the Hip of Insanity - Bower Gallery. Melbourne. Australia 

2010  The Tamborines - Camera & Tremor. The Victoria. UK

2010  In the Shape of Things to Come Pt 2 - Hogan Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2010  In the Shape of Things to Come - Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2009  When it was Yesterday - Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2006  Mis-Communication - Tempera Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2005  Untitled - Wall Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2004  Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2003  Hunny I Wish You’d Stop It - Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2002  The Road to Take - Yellow Dot Gallery. Edinburgh. Scotland

2000  Untitled Artist Open Space. Edinburgh. Scotland

1999  Lifeless Move to Post-Liberation of Self - Goya Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

1997  Lights Out in Space - View Gallery. New York. USA

1997  Cycle of Light - Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

1996  Untitled - 100 Gallery. Ferntree Gully. Australia

1996  Blue - Puffin Gallery. Melbourne.  Australia

1995  Untitled - Customs Wharf. Melbourne. Australia

1994  Untitled - Red Room. Melbourne. Australia


2012  Curator - Melbourne's Burning - Paradise Hills Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2010  Upgrade/Down Grade - Open Concept Gallery. Michigan. USA

2010  Summer Leaves - Joshua Levi Gallery. Brisbane. Australia

2009  April Circle of Life - Wall’s Gallery. Amsterdam. Netherlands

2009  Belvedere Vodka Art Exhibition, McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2009  Josh Lord & James Sedgwick - Workshop. Melbourne. Australia

2009  Art Auction - Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2008  April Thrill & Suspense - Wall’s Gallery. Amsterdam. Netherlands 

2008  Curator - Shadow Project - Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2007  Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2007  Wall Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2006  End of Year - Tusk Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2006  End of Year - Wall Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2006  Mid Year - McCulloch Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2006  Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2006  Famous Mid Year Show - Wall Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2004  Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2004  Melbourne Artist - Jackman Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

2001  Artist Run Space. Edinburgh. Scotland

2000  Untitled No.1 Artist Run Space - Melbourne. Australia

1999  End of Year - Goya Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

1999  Fad Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

1999  Mid Year - Goya Gallery. Melbourne. Australia

1997  Curator - De-ranged - Mt Dandenong Cultural Centre. Melbourne. Australia


2020  The Vendettas - Rats on the Wheel (Single)

2019  Frankie Teardrop Dead - Plane Eclipse

2019  Smallpox Confidential - Smallpox Confidential

2019  Ronny Da - Root Shoot or Electrocute

2016  Harry Howard and the NDE - Sleepless Girls

2016  Taipan Tiger Girls - 02


2015  Hugo Race and The True Spirit - False Idols

2013  The Ears - Pornstar

2010  Art works used by Vj’s in France, projections at dance parties.

2009  Art used to wall paper Melbourne venue Brown Alley for Pendulum gig.


2019  Fad Gallery Bar - Melbourne

2014-15  Inspirations Paint/Dulux. -West Footscary Melbourne

2012  Brunswick Foodstore - Brunswick. Melbourne

2009  Little B - Little Bourke St. Melbourne

2007  Poached - Lygon’s. Brunswick,

1997  Master Vision - New York. USA

1997  International House - New York. USA

1996  Ronald MacDonald House - Hong Kong


Planetarts - Artshub - RRR Radio - SYN Radio - Invert - Herald Sun

Leader Newspapers - Dark Angel - Art and Text - Mooks - MV DECOUVERTES


2010  Summer Sessions Demonstrations 

2007  Telstra 

1998  Carrum Downs Secondary Collage